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  • Sara Teeman

Sip and See Baby!

You may have heard of, thrown for a friend or even held a baby shower but the latest trend is the Sip and See. Sound somehow seedy? It couldn't be more innocent.... The Sip and See party is a gathering, usually planned by the parents that invites friends and family to drop by, sip on some refreshments and meet the new gorgeous new addition. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce the newest family addition to all of your loved ones in a single go—and on your own terms.

Popular in the US and Canada, the Sip and See originated in Southern America, where new mama's would invite their family and friends over to literally sip (tea, coffee, wine, you name it) and see the new baby. Think of it as a kind of open house: Guests could come and go as they please (within set visiting hours), coo over baby, catch up with the parents and enjoy some refreshments. Casual and breezy—no pressure.

The idea of an informal “welcome baby” party has since spread in the region, championed in particular by those who don’t necessarily love the idea of having a baby shower. Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention, and it allows it to be led by you the parents (so no surprises!) and of course involve daddy whereas traditionally Baby Shower's are mama focused. Of course, it is perfectly fine to (and many do) have both! Why not, what else warrants a double celebration like growing and birthing a mini human...

I only learnt about this tradition fairly recently and think it is an interesting and potentially great idea, especially for those who have geography on their side with the majority of family and friends within a fairly accessible radius. I often speak to mothers who have felt the pressure to live up to a general expectation that is fairly Western (more on this topic in our next post!) of being up, groomed and ready to expect all and sundry within about 2 minutes of giving birth. 

With the non nuclear families of today and various groups of friends, colleagues and extended family this can be overwhelming for some - especially when you're just trying to figure it all out, your milk has come in, it's Day 3 (baby blues hello!) and you're trying to navigate getting baby to latching on whilst not exposing your entire left areola to your Uncle Bob. 

Sip and See allows you to set the date, the time (colic? 2 til 4 please!), venue to suit.  It also gives friends and family an opportunity to catch up and talk to one-another, hence taking the pressure off you to 'host' as well as the obvious benefit of seeing your loved ones, which you of course absolutely want to do but without the intensity of back to back visits whilst publicly figuring out motherhood, simultaneously serving tea and cake. 

Has anyone held a Sip and See party? We would love to to hear thoughts and how it works in practice.

If this is something you're thinking may be a good idea, or even if you feel like sticking to the more popular baby shower option, we have just the box for you! Our 'Throw Mama A Shower' box is suitable for either take on celebrating mum/parents and baby. Containing super chic rose gold and mint 'Hello World' decor, with various accessories to make the event pop (pardon the pun) it's like the best hot chocolate, just add water (and maybe a few snacks and tipples) and you are ready to roll. 

As with all our boxes, each purchase of the 'Throw Mama A Shower' box will also trigger us to send a care kit to a mother&baby in need in the UK, containing essentials to care for them both. Mama's Supporting Mama's. 💛

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For the month of April, we are gifting a pack of 'Hello World' cupcake toppers with every 'Throw Mama A Shower Box' while stocks last!! So, get planning mama's or do something special for a beloved mama to be and throw her a chic and stylish shower or offer to organise her Sip and See.... and be ahead of the trend!

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