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  • Sara Teeman

Ode to Mama

When Anna Jarvis first celebrated Mother's Day in America in 1908, her sentiment was to set aside a day to honour ALL mothers because she believed that they were "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world".

Fast forward over a century, what does Mother’s Day mean to us today? Remembering to send a card to our dear old mum, maybe a bunch of seasonal daffodils or treating her to thoughtful gift? Maybe making time to see her and enjoy a meal together. I have never forgotten Mother’s Day but I have been away on the actual day more often than not in the past 15 or so years. At these times, I haven’t been able to physically hug my own mum, tell her in person how I really feel about her or cook something just for for her. Now as a mother myself I wonder how this makes her feel when none of us are around on this particular day?

I know the answer though, because my mum is one of the most selfless people I have ever met, even more so when it comes to her kids (see pics above, my beautiful mum with me, a chubby little banana loving sleep stealing baby). She would have just been happy for whatever offerings she may have received from my siblings and I and be content as long as she believed that we are. Will I be the same in years to come or will I be a bit put out, if my children aren’t around to give back a little after all the years of giving ???!!! Or will I want for nothing but knowing they are safe and happy, like my own mum wants for us.

I always knew that my mum was very special, she worked incredibly hard and went through a lot of tribulations to give her children what she felt was the best life but it is only NOW, through having a child myself do I realise just how amazing she is. Perfect, no - but the ultimate tiger mum in all it’s best form. I also realise how much I have to learn watching her and thinking back to past years. Eighteen months into parenthood and I am not sure I will ever be able to do 5 loads of washing, cook dinner and tidy the house in half the time that she does. Yet it’s her magnetic energy, her warmth, honesty and determination that is awe inspiring. The way we all feel instantly protected and cared for when she is around. I am less than my best self around my mum sometimes and maybe this is because I know I can be and she will still love me, out of everyone in the world.

As mothers, we will do anything for our children, it is a love so fierce and powerful it can be at times, terrifying - and getting a balance is hard. I am just so incredibly grateful and aware of how lucky I am to have my own mum this Mother’s Day and to help guide me through my motherhood journey and I couldn’t have a better teacher.

So, a reminder to all who are lucky enough to be able to tell their mums how special they are on March 11th, call them, plan a sweet gesture or send a gift! And if you are a Mother yourself, use the 11th March to be a little kinder to yourself, because I would bet anything that you are just amazing and deserve some extra self-care this day. Take it Mama!

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